Jules Cluzel: sharing the team experience

After crashing in the previous 2 races, Jules Cluzel had a lot of pressure on his shoulders.
The Le Mans Grand Prix also meant a home race for the French Moto2 rider who had a special “Bleu, Blanc, Rouge” livery to match.

Jules didn’t have the best start and fought bravely to recover positions.
He went from 13th to 10th after 1 lap and stayed in the top 10 for most of the race.
Unfortunately, a worn rear tyre meant Jules had to play safe in the end and finished 11th.

I was lucky enough to be invited in the NGM Forward Racing garage to share the full Moto2 race experience with the team.

The following photos tell the story of a young motorbike racer eager to do well for his team, his home fans and for himself.
I hope I managed to capture some of the sense of unity, hard work, highs and lows that go with motorcycle racing.

I originally wanted to write a full article but I think the photos do more talking than any words I could pen down.

“Living” the race with the NGM Forward Racing Team was a real privilege and an emotional rollercoaster.

Thank you to Jules Cluzel, Milena Koerner and the whole team for letting me join their world.

Arriving at the back of the garage 20 minutes before the race.

A spare part at the back...

Last minute bike preparations

Another view of the last minute work before the race

Jules' corner

Jules Cluzel checks with his girlfriend that everything is ready.

Jules' helmet

The brolly girls arrive in the garage while Jules stretches at the back

Last minute technical talk

It is cold outside but the girls are still smiling!

The whole team unites 15 minutes before leaving for the grid

Everyone rushes to the grid

Jules Cluzel leaves the garage, ready to race!

The whole team watching nervously, checking the TV footage and all the data on screen, lap after lap

More nerves all around after Baldolini's bike has returned to the garage after his crash.

Lonely walk to the garage after the race. Jules Cluzel clearly disappointed

The disappointment of a rider who gave all he could.

No time to gather his thoughts, Jules has to give interviews straight away

Think fast, do your interviews... It must be quite hard straight after a fast race.

Finally, time to reflect and debrief. I left at this stage to give everyone some breathing space.

Outside with Milena (press officer) who also had a special paint job for her French rider! She is holding Baldolini's damaged gloves.

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